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The impact of TTIP/TPP on the MRI scanner market will bring :
more variety 
better scanners 
more risk 
less regulation 
cheaper scanners 
Lost in Translation 
no change at all 

A Comparison of MRI Acronyms
used by Manufacturers
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Signal AveragingNEXNEXNSANSANSAACQ (Acquisitions)NSASignal Averaging
Partial AveragingSingle Side EncodingHalf FourierFractional NEXHalf ScanHalf ScanPhase Conjugate SymmetryHalf FourierHalf FourierPartial Averaging
Simultaneous ExcitationPOMPDual SliceSimultaneous ExcitationQuadScanSimultaneous Excitation
Partial EchoSingle Side ViewFractional EchoHalf EchoPERead Conjugate SymmetryAsymmetric EchoMatched BandwidthPartial Echo
Field of ViewFOVFOV [cm]FOV [cm]FOVFOV [mm]FOVFOVFOV [mm]FOVField of View
Rectangular Field of ViewRFOVRFOVAsymmetric FOV, RFOVRFOVRFOVHFI (under sampling)FOV Phase / RFOVRFOVRectangular Field of View
Off Center Shifting SlicesOff Center FOVOff Center FOVOff Center FOVOff Center ShiftFOV OffsetOff Center ShiftPhase and Frequency ShiftOff Center Shifting Slices
Spacing between SlicesSlice IntervalSpacingSlice IntervalSlice GapGapDistance Factor in %Slice GapSpacing between Slices
Magnetization Transfer ContrastMTCMTCMTCMTC / MTSSORS-STCMagnetization Transfer Contrast
PresaturationSpatial PRE-SATSpatial SATPre SatRESTPRE-SATSATPresatPre SatPresaturation
Fat Saturation / Prep Pulse-ChemicallyFAT SAT, CHEM SATFAT SATSPIR, SPAIR, WaterSELFAT SATFAT SATFAT SATFat Saturation / Prep Pulse-Chemically
Moving Saturation PulseWalking SATSequential Pre SatTravel RESTWalking PSATTravel SATBFASTMoving Saturation Pulse
Water ExcitationProsetWater ExcitationWater Excitation
Ramped RF PulseRamped RFSSPTONETONEISCERamped RF Pulse
Gradient Moment NullingSTILLCRISPFCGRFCMASTSMARTFlow Comp / GMRGradient Moment Nulling
Respiratory CompensationFREEZERespiratory Compensation, Respiratory TriggeringPhase Reordering, MARPEAR, Respiratory TriggerRespiratory Gating, PRIZERespiratory GatedRespiratory GatedRespiratory Compensation
ECG SynchronizationECGCardiac GatedCardiac Gated, TriggeringECG, FPG GatedECG Triggered / VCGECGECGECG TriggeredCardiac GatedECG Synchronization
Delay after R WaveTDDelay TimeTDTrigger WindowTDTDDelay after R Wave
Automatic Bolus DetectionSmart Prep / Fluoro-Triggered MRABolus TrakCare BolusVisual PrepAutomatic Bolus Detection
Number of EchoesETLShot FactorTurbo Factor / EPI FactorETLTurbo Factor / EPI FactorETLNumber of Echoes
Time between EchoesEcho SpacingInterecho Time (ITE)Echo SpacingIESEcho SpacingEcho SpacingTime between Echoes
Oversampling in Frequency DirectionAnti AliasingOversamplingAnti Aliasing - Always OnFrequency OversamplingFrequency Oversampling - Always OnAnti AliasingOversamplingFrequency Wrap SuppressionOversampling in Frequency Direction
Oversampling in Phase DirectionAnti AliasingNo Phase WrapAnti WrapFold Over SuppressionOversamplingPhase OversamplingPhase Wrap SuppressionOversampling in Phase Direction
BandwidthBandwidthReceived Bandwidth [kHz]BandwidthWater/Fat Shift [Pixel]BWBandwidth [Hz/Px]BandwidthBandwidth
Segmented K-Space Data AcquisitionViews per SegmentViews, SegmentsPGLines, SegmentsSegmentsSegmented K-Space Data Acquisition
Variable BandwidthVBVariable BWOptimized Water/Fat Shift (Bandwidth)Variable BWOptimized BandwidthMatched BWVariable Bandwidth
Time Delay / Block K-SpaceIntersegment DelayTDTDTime DelayTDTime Delay / Block K-Space
Multi Slice ImagingMulti Slice2DMultiple Slice2DMulti Slice2DMulti Slice Imaging
3 Dimensional Imaging3D3D3D3D3D3D3D3D Volume3D3 Dimensional Imaging
Orientation ScanScout ScanLocalizerScanogramPlan Scan, SurveyScoutLocalizer, ScoutLocatorOrientation Scan
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