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In 2075 (after about 100 years of ...) the MRI scan will be :
done with handheld probe 
done at home (app, ...) 
a 3 second walk through 
daily done 
replaced by something much ... 

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National Radiological Protection Board: Advice and information on radiation protection in the UK
[Keywords: NRPB, National Radiological Protection Board, radiation, radiation protection, radiological protection, radiation risks, radiation hazards, radiological hazards, radiation incidents, radiation exposure, radiology, radiography, radioactivity, radioactive, radioactive material, radon, ionising, ionizi ...]
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Welcome to CIRSE, official site of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe. The Society is a non-profit making, educational and scientific association providing continuing education and training for all physicians and scientists with an active personal involvement and interest in interventional radiology or cardiovascular imaging techniques.
AHRA Home Page Open this link in a new window
AHRA is the preferred professional organization for radiology administrators around the world. The web site contains crucial, current information on continuing education, conferences & seminars, job openings, radiology management related products, and publications.
[Keywords: Chief Technologist, Listserv, Link, American, Continuing Education, X-ray, CT, MRI, PET, Mentoring, Product, Publications, Seminars, Imaging Centers, Diagnostic Imaging, Conferences, Membership, Hospital, Radiology, Medical Imaging, Healthcare, Administrators, Management, Education, PACS, Coding,  ...]
AMA - American Medical Association Home Page Open this link in a new window
AMA - Physicians dedicated to the health of America.
[Keywords: AMA, American, medical, association, physician, doctors, doctor, physicians, FREIDA, residency, resident, JAMA, journal, HIPAA, HIPPA, journals, archives, articles, medical specialty, medical training, neurology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, pediatric, surgery, psychiatry, surgery, dermatology, fa ...]
AMA Physicians Open this link in a new window
Web Table of Contents of information for physicians
[Keywords: AMA, Members, physicians, education, medical students, legal, advocacy, practice, ethics, journal, news, member groups, meetings, policy, products, services, public health, science, education, CME]
American Chemical Society: Chemistry Resources for Chemists and the Commun-
Open this link in a new window is the online gateway to ACS resources, products, and services for members, chemists, scientists, chemical industry professionals, educators, students, children and science enthusiasts.
American Heart Association Open this link in a new window
[Keywords: Ace Inhibitor;AED;American Heart Walk;Aneurysm;AnginaAngiogram;Angioplasty;Aortic Stenosis;Arrhythmia; Arteriosclerosis; Atherosclerosis;Atrial Fibrillation;Blood Clot; Brain Attack;Bypass;Bypass Surgery;Cardiac Arrest;Cardiac Diseases;Cardiac Guidelines;Cardiology;Cardiology Conferences;Cardiomyopa ...]
American Society for Mass Spectrometry Open this link in a new window
The American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) is a professional scientific association of 4,500 members, an annual conference of 4,000 attendees, 10 short courses related to the annual conference, plus three smaller conferences of approximately 130 participants. The Society's goal is to further the science of mass spectrometry and associated techniques and the professional development of its  ...
[Keywords: mass spectrometry, mass spec, MS, ionization, ion, scientific instrument, organic chemistry, chemical analysis, protein sequencing, isotope ratio, priority pollutant, trace analysis, chemical identification, professional society, conference, journal]
American Society of Emergency Radiology Open this link in a new window
American Society of Neuroradiology Open this link in a new window
The American Society of Neuroradiology's website offers information regarding the practice of Neuroradiology, the society's annual meeting, information about the society and its committees, as well as links to Neuroradiology related information.
[Keywords: Neuroradiology, Neuroradiologists, MRI, CT, cat scan, brain, spine]
For the professional radiographer:
Database, Resources, News, etc.
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