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MRI May Help Determine Treatment for Patients with Depression
'Researchers from Emory University in Atlanta, Ga., performed a study to determine if a neuroimaging biomarker identified through MR imaging may aid in the selection of first-line treatment ...'
Monday, 27 March 2017   by
Exact Imaging Introduces New FusionVu micro-US/MRI Fusion to Complement its ExactVu Micro-Ultrasound System for Prostate Imaging and Biopsy
'Exact Imaging (, the world's leader in high resolution micro-ultrasound systems enabling real-time imaging and biopsy guidance for the prostate, today introduced its ...'
Thursday, 23 March 2017   by
PhD Candidate Researcher Pioneers Agentless Contrast Technique for Identifying Prostate Cancer
'Chris Abraham, a PhD candidate working with Dr. Laura Curiel and Dr. Samuel Pichardo at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute, presented research in Vienna, Austria in 2016 ...'
Thursday, 23 March 2017   by
MRI-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy for uterine fibroids has potential
'For the first time since the corresponding law became effective in 2012, the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) has published an assessment of the potential of a ...'
Wednesday, 22 March 2017   by
Post-TAVR MRI signals risk for silent cerebral microbleeds in some patients
'Nearly one-quarter of older patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve replacement developed silent cerebral microbleeds, according to postprocedure MRI data presented at the American College ...'
Monday, 20 March 2017   by
MR-INFORM: MR-guided, FFR-guided strategies confer similar outcomes in stable angina
'For initial management of patients with stable angina and intermediate to high risk for CAD, a noninvasive magnetic resonance perfusion imaging strategy was noninferior to an invasive ...'
Monday, 20 March 2017   by
Self-Directed Learning Impacts MRI Prostate Tumor Detection
'Researchers from NYU Langone Medical Center in New York evaluated the roles of self-directed learning and continual feedback in the learning curve for tumor detection by novice readers of ...'
Monday, 20 March 2017   by
Philips transforms image-guided therapy with global launch of Azurion Platform
'Image-guided therapy is one of the more rapidly expanding fronts of modern medicine. While many immense hardware challenges in this field have already been overcome, several thorny software ...'
Wednesday, 15 March 2017   by
Recent Advances in Orthopedic Imaging
'A study you will be presenting at the Orthopaedic Research Society meeting investigates the use of zero echo time (ZTE) MRI for examining the joints. My understanding is that it has been ...'
Wednesday, 15 March 2017   by
Israel's Aspect Imaging Has Developed Some of the World's Smallest MRIs
'If you get into a car accident and later experience back, neck or other forms of pain, it's safe to say you may need an MRI (magnetic resonance image). These machines use magnetic field and ...'
Tuesday, 14 March 2017   by
News Refinements:  Contrast Agents  Devices  Financial  
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