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Siemens Healthineers announces FDA clearance of 3T MRI System
'Siemens Healthineers announced Thursday that the FDA has cleared the company's MAGNETOM Vida 3 Tesla (3T) MRI scanner. The scanner features Siemens new BioMatrix technology, which ...'
Thursday, 15 June 2017   by
Aging women suffer more lumbar disc degeneration, MRI study shows
'Lumbar MRI for low-back pain may be under constant suspicion of overutilization, but findings from a Chinese study suggest it's often appropriate for a very substantial subset of the ...'
Wednesday, 14 June 2017   by
Biotronik wins CE Mark for 3T scans with ProMRI pacers
'Biotronik said today it won CE Mark approval in the European Union for 3 Tesla full-body scans with its latest range of MR conditional pacemakers featuring its ProMRI technology. The new ...'
Tuesday, 13 June 2017   by
MRI as accurate as CT for Crohn's disease detection, management
'Both MRI and CT are highly accurate when it comes to detecting Crohn's disease in the small intestine, and MRI can be the go-to modality when radiation exposure is an issue as can be the case ...'
Tuesday, 6 June 2017   by
MRI-guided PCa detection strategies found cost-effective
'Diagnostic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) strategies for the diagnosis of prostate cancer should be considered prior to biopsy of suspicious lesions, according to the results of a study ...'
Monday, 5 June 2017   by
Guard carries gun during minister's MRI scan, monster magnet sucks in weapon
'LUCKNOW Armed with a pistol, a security officer of Uttar Pradesh Textile Minister Satyadev Pachauri entered the chamber at a Lucknow hospital where his boss had been taken for an MRI scan. ...'
Sunday, 4 June 2017   by
Students Design Gowns For MRI Machine
'St. Clair College's fashion program has donated custom designed MRI gowns to Windsor Regional Hospital. Every year the second year students in the Fashion Design Technician Program, design ...'
Sunday, 4 June 2017   by
New metamaterial-enhanced MRI technique tested on humans
'Scientists from the Netherlands and Russia have designed and tested a new metasurface-based technology for enhancing the local sensitivity of MRI scanners on humans for the first time. ...'
Friday, 26 May 2017   by
Nanodiamond offers better look at liver cancer
'A new nanodiamond-based contrast agent chemical that enhances the visibility of internal body structures in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) could improve visualization ...'
Friday, 26 May 2017   by
MRI-Guided Strategies Offers Cost-Effective Method for Prostate Cancer Detection
'MRI-guided strategies are a cost-effective method to detect prostate cancer, a new study suggests. The current standard of care for prostate cancer detection is an invasive ...'
Thursday, 25 May 2017   by
News Refinements:  Contrast Agents  Devices  Financial  
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