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Mobile MRI Rental
The MR-TIP Resource-Database contains around 2100 entries.
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Sound Imaging Open this link in a new window
Your source for MRI parts, equipment,...
Your Trusted Source for Mobile MRI Rentals and Leases. We also sell MRI Parts, MRI Coils and other MRI Equipment & Accessories 30-60% OFF.
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Medical Imaging Resources Open this link in a new window
Buy, Sell, Trade Used and Refurbished...
We are a international buyer, seller, and trader of all used and refurbished medical imaging systems. We also provide project consulting, site planning, financing, installation, de-installation, applications training, warranty & service support agreements
[Keywords: Used MRI, Refurbished MRI, Pre Owned MRI Equipment, MRI equipment sales, Used CT, Refurbished CT, Pre-Owned CT, CT Equip ...]

AccuroImaging.Com: All your mobile and fixed site imaging needs in one pla-
Open this link in a new window
Accuro Diagnostic Imaging provides mobile and fixed imaging solutions such as MRI and PET to hospitals, imaging centers, and specialist's offices. We can tailor almost any solution to meet any of your needs. We offer the most comprehensive packages, at the lowest prices in the industry.
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Digital Radiography Equipment-Medical Imaging Software-Teleradiography sys-
Open this link in a new window
Digital radiography equipment sales and leasing services. Provides top of the line open and mobile MRI units, PACS software, and remote medical image storage and backup.
[Keywords: digital radiograpy, equipment, medical imaging, software, teleradiography, systems, radiology, MRI, CT scanners, scanner, tool, tools, solutions]
DMS Health Group Open this link in a new window
DMS Health Group provides mobile diagnostic medical imaging solutions and equipment rental. DMS Health Group is a subsidiary of Otter Tail Corporation.
[Keywords: DMS, Diagnostic Medical Systems, Imaging, Solutions, Mobile, Interim Service, Rental, X-Ray, MedSource Partners, Health Technologies Group, PET, Positron, Emission Tomography, MRI, Magnetic, Resonance, Imaging, CT Computed, Tomography, Nuclear Medicine, Bone Densitometry, DEXA, Mammography, Mammogra ...]
GEAR Mobile Interim Solutions Open this link in a new window
Mobile Interim Solutions is the answer to facilitate your MRI and CT services. Whether you need an MRI or CT system for a single week, several months, or even years, Mobile Interim Solutions can tailor a rental term that's right for you. We provide quality MRI and CT equipment to meet your referring physicians demands, deliver outstanding clinical results, provide continuous patient care, and mai
[Keywords: MIS, Mobile Interim Solutions]
Interim Services Open this link in a new window
Created to respond to the increasing demands for quality diagnostic imaging equipment, Shared Medical Equipment Group (SMG), provides a full range of services and options to meet your diagnostic imaging needs. SMG combines over fifteen years of CT, PET/CT and MRI service with more than 8 years of reconditioning experience to provide you with a partner in the medical imaging marketplace.
Mobile Diagnostic Centers - Mobile Imaging, PET/CT Scanning, Mobile Diagno-
stic Centers LP
Open this link in a new window
Leaders in mobile imaging, Mobile Diagnostic Centers offers mobile PET/CT imaging centers in partnership with physicians and hospitals, providing superior and timely detection and evaluation of cancer, heart disease, and brain disorders.
[Keywords: mobile diagnostic centers lp, mobile diagnostic centers, Mobile Diagnostic Centers LP, Mobile Diagnostic Centers, pet/ct, PET/CT scanning, mobile PET/CT scanners, mobile imaging, mobile diagnostics, imaging centers, mobile scanners, GE Discovery ST, diagnostic imaging, pet scan, ct scan, cancer, hea ...]
Mobile MRI Rental from DMS Interim Solutions Open this link in a new window
Mobile MRI rental direct from DMS. Superior equipment, pricing and service! Free Site Planning Guides and no obligation quotation. Contact us for your best deal!
[Keywords: MRI, magnetic resonance imaging, mobile MRI, mobile mri rental, mobile mri leasing, mobile CT, cat scan, rent, renting, rental, leasing, interim, GE, General Electric, Picker, Philips, Marconi, Siemens, Toshiba, radiology, radiography, imaging.]
Mobile MRI, PET/CT, CT Scanner and Angio/Cardiac Lab Rentals and Leasing Open this link in a new window
Mobile MRI, CT and PET Scanner, Cardiac and Angio Lab rentals & leasing from Interim Diagnostic Imaging, LLC. We specialize in Siemens, GE, Philips & Toshiba rental equipment for short and long term.
For the professional radiographer:
Database, Resources, News, etc.
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